21 May 2010

dead golf back home in New Zealand.


  1. That is sad, Is it totaled? or u can fix it,
    reminds me of the time when our old subbie got smashed in the back, and I was waiting to get this car so bad, but insurance company said it is totaled, still hope I'll get one like that (Impreza gt 98) we had.

  2. Yeah, insurance said it was a write off, shame caus it drives fine only the rear light and hatch and minor stuff at the front, these days parts are just ridiculous. Good news is we made $2000 more than when we brought it, suppose gti 16v's hold value better. Sold it to someone who will use it for racing.

    Other good news, replaced it for a Subaru WRX ('96, I think)
    We also have a silver Subaru Blitzen (2000 shape) don't know if you've heard of them.
    Nice you had a Impreza GT are they hard to get in Russia?

  3. Yeah I know about blitzen, cool) I'm a big subbie fan and my dad.
    Now we have, Legacy Spec B 3.0
    and Last Sti hatchback.
    well there are lot's of gt's for sale, but they are all messed up, I'd like to get a jdm wrx or even sti of those year but RHd in moscow is kinda pain in the ass.
    So you got 96 wrx, wagon or sedan? It's cool you can get cars from japan) hehe. I would get the Sti coupe Asap.))
    Will be waiting for pictures

  4. P.s.
    Here are photos of our gt, I had good quality ones and when it was wrecked, but lost with one hard drive.
    and here is legacy.